How many people do your shuttles carry at one time?

1 to 11 passengers we can use several shuttles if required.

What if I live in Auckland, can you give me a ride to the Auckland Airport?

Unfortunately not, our service does not include transfers from Auckland suburbs to Auckland Airport and vice versa.

What is a ‘shared ride’?

Because all our passengers are travelling to or from the airport they can share the same vehicle. We allow a little more travel time to the airport for this shared ride service so that our customers benefit from sharing the cost of the Shuttle. When we meet you at an airport you will usually need to wait for other passengers that are on the same flight or they may be on earlier or later flights.

Does my luggage cost extra?

Excess luggage may incur additional charges.

Should I advise of any oversize or excess luggage? (particularly bikes and surfboards)

Yes as the shuttle could have other passengers on it and we may not be prepared for your excess luggage. Letting us know allows us to plan and ensure we have a trailer available. If you haven't told us about excess luggage you may have to leave it behind or make your own arrangements.

Can I book an entire Shuttle for my friends / family / colleagues?

Yes... Private Transfers for Exclusive use can be booked.

How do I change/cancel my booking?

To cancel or change your booking please contact us by phone or email, 24 hours notice is required.

Can I book you to pick someone else up from the airport?

Yes, definitely. We still require the same information as if you were booking yourself, so please ensure you get this from the passenger before booking.

Where can I find Aerolink Shuttles at Auckland Airport?

At Auckland International Airport look for the 'Pre-booked Transport' area which is to your left when you exit the secure customs area. Our driver will be there and will have a sign with your name on it. At Domestic, please meet us at the baggage claim area, we will be holding a sign with your name on it.

Can I book transfers to and from Hamilton, Rotorua and Tauranga Airports?

Yes… just request a booking or a quote. Our Shuttles are not based at these airports, however, if our Shuttles are there and you haven’t made a booking, it’s not a problem, just talk to our driver to see if he/she has room to take you.

What about travelling with infants & car seats?

If you haven't booked, and we are there, just talk to the driver or ring the office, as the driver may have room or may be able to organise another of our shuttles to pick you up. We can supply car seats. Car seats and booster seats are a legal requirement for any child 7 years or under.

Can I take my animal with me in the shuttle?

Yes. If you wish to travel with your pet in the vehicle, you must pay for the exclusive use of the vehicle. We cannot provide a shared ride service due to the possibility of other passengers having allergies to animals