Aerolink Shuttles has served the Waikato for approximately 20 years and The Bay of Plenty since March 2014

Dave Orr and Heather Logie have owned and operated Aerolink Shuttles since May 2011. In December 2013, Go Easy Shuttles (Te Awamutu), On Route/BOP Shuttles (Rotorua), Apollo Connect Shuttles (Tauranga), were bought by Aerolink Shuttles to enable it to become a fully “Regional” shuttle business that now offers more airport transfers than could have been possible for each business on their own. Then, in 2015, Aerolink Shuttles also bought Minibus Express, in operation since 2004.


Aerolink provide SHARED-ride and EXCLUSIVE-ride Transfers:


The most common and the cheapest cost.

Share a shuttle with other Aerolink Guests.

Transfers to or from Auckland City & Cruise Ship Wharves may go via the Auckland Airport.

Our aim is to only have passengers from one flight sharing the same shuttle from the airport.

There are, however, many reasons and situations where we have to have passengers from different flights sharing the same shuttle.
When this occurs, we will try to limit the shuttle driver to meeting passengers where their flights are scheduled to arrive no more than 15 to 30 minutes apart.

When flights arrive early or late this may still affect the ability of our shuttle to depart from the airport as planned.
In these situations we will do the best we can to get passengers away as soon as possible.

If a flight is early, sometimes the shuttle can leave early or at least the early passenger may be able to go in another Aerolink Shuttle that has possibly been delayed, while the originally planned shuttle waits for the passengers on the delayed flight.

When we are adjusting our shuttle plans to try to cope with flight disruptions and passengers who are held up in customs or are dealing with lost luggage, our Dispatcher will be directing what the shuttle drivers will be doing.
If you are waiting for other passengers, the driver will do their best to keep you informed as to when the shuttle may be able to leave the airport.

The driver will brief you on the general direction the shuttle will take, and you are free to take food or drink with you during the transfer.
If you are travelling to Tauranga or Rotorua and you require a comfort stop to use a toilet, please just mention it to the driver. The driver will then stop for a 10 to 15 minute break.

During the daytime there is generally another shuttle at the airport that can meet delayed passengers.
If passengers have arrived on time and are waiting with the driver, but a flight or passenger has been delayed, then if there is another Aerolink Shuttle driver going in the same direction as the delayed passenger, then the driver will depart the airport and leave the delayed passenger for the next driver.
This will help get waiting passengers away quicker then if the driver has to wait for the delayed passenger which is what we used to do in the past as our policy was not to leave delayed passengers behind.

When flights are expected to arrive before, at, or just after midnight and are delayed to closer to 1am or later, the shuttle will not wait for those passengers. Please let us know as soon as possible if you know your flight’s arrival is going to be delayed as we may be able to accommodate a change to your booking without it being cancelled.
If there is no contact from you, and the shuttle can’t wait for the delayed flight, or you have missed your flight, then your booking will be deemed “cancelled”.
If you haven’t pre-paid the cancelled transfer, then you are still liable to pay for the cancelled transfer as we would have been there to meet you as planned.
Such delayed passengers may need to wait for the shuttles meeting flights between 5am and 7am or make their own travel arrangements.
An option is to book into a motel and then contact us to re-book a later shuttle transfer.

With “Shared-ride” bookings our intention is to take Tauranga/Papamoa passengers direct to or from Auckland Airport unless flight arrival times are disrupted, or we don’t have enough drivers available that day, or there was no other way to fit in a short notice booking request.

There is a shortage of drivers nation-wide in the transport industry, and from time to time we experience a shortage of drivers as well.
In the shuttle industry, a lot of drivers are just part-time drivers and therefore our driver pool may be limited to a smaller number of drivers (than usual) being available on any particular day.

We refuse to take Rotorua passengers via Tauranga, and Tauranga passengers via Rotorua, unless it is a short notice booking request and there is no other way to cope with the request.
In this instance the direction of travel would be discussed with the person requesting the booking before the booking is accepted.

Taupo passengers will travel through the Waikato or via Rotorua (not Tauranga) as we do not have any drivers based in Taupo.

If Tauranga and/or Rotorua passengers are departing the Auckland Airport, and are sharing a shuttle with Waikato passengers, then the Waikato passengers will be dropped off first in as logical a direction as possible.
In this situation our intention from a planning point of view, is that the Waikato passenger flights will have arrived before or at the same time as the Tauranga and/or Rotorua passenger flights.
This planning will minimise the waiting time at the airport for Tauranga and Rotorua passengers as we recognise they have farther to travel.

However disruptions are likely to change this planning at a moment’s notice, generally as a result of flights arriving early or late.
If we are short of drivers and Tauranga and Rotorua passengers are only sharing a shuttle with other passengers traveling to Tauranga and Rotorua, then they may be waiting for those passengers arriving on flights that are scheduled to arrive up to 30 minutes apart or longer of delayed.


The most convenient for you.

Similar to a taxi and is for your private use

Guarantees no waiting or stopping to pick up other Guests

This is a great option for executives, families with young children, the elderly, or if you are arriving on a long haul flight and don’t want to wait for anyone else (even if they are on the same flight).

Our Team


Weekend Manager: Sarah

Assistant Operations Managers: Syed

Reservations: Amanda, Gail, Liz, Monique, Sheree


Cambridge: Brian, Dave (Macca), Davyd (A), Laura, Nicki

Hamilton: Andrew, Bryce, Dave (B), Dave (M), Garry, Neil (A), Rebecca (Bex), Ross, Sara, Sijomon (Jo), Terry, Tony, Yusef, Zoe

Putaruru: Nick

Rotorua: Chris, Gerard, Karen

Tauranga: Grant, Jim, John, Ken, Neil (D)

Te Awamutu: Graeme, Jenny

Our Fleet

We currently have a fleet of 28 shuttles. We also have the largest number of shuttles for a Waikato based fleet which gives you more choices for travel times than smaller companies can provide.

Comfort: When we buy new minibuses, we replace the standard rear factory seats with luxury seats.

Safety: Each seat has full lap & diagonal seat belt.

Fully air-conditioned, plenty of leg room, and plenty of room for luggage. (We do have luggage trailers if needed).

When we buy new minibuses, we fit a convenient step below the passenger’s side, sliding door for easier access and also full length grab handles (especially for the elderly or slightly physically impaired).

The maintenance of all our shuttles is completely out-sourced to a trusted team of professionals. This gives Aerolink an independent inspection of our shuttles each time we use their services. We use genuine parts for maximum reliability. We also fix small annoying rattles as soon as a driver informs us a rattle is developing.